What is Actual Software Architecture ?

I think laws or concepts they hardly change but algorithms and technology they change at the most rapid rate. People should focus on building a nice architecture more and more. A good architect will immediately find a flaw in the model else which will be noticed every now and then after start of next phase. I want to be an architect where thorough knowledge of patterns principles I want to make software and show the world best software is made from its architecture not just just by decreasing its algorithmic complexity. Good architecture comes from a long period of time studying the mistakes (as we dont have time make it all by ourselves), recongnizing a pattern in them and this is what flows gradually to the next generation. Basics of S/W Arch 1) Modularity 2) Encapsulate 3) Contracts 4) Decoupling 5) Simplicity(mother of complexity) 6) Decentralization (SOA) 7) Bootstrapping 8) Resuability with Libraries 9) Abstraction 10) Heirarchiel Decomposition with Inheritance 11) Formalization 12) Max Automate 13) Process 14) Best Practices