The Best Things in Life are FREE

What happens if tomorrow morning you get up and see the police officer knocking your door and you not able to figuring out what you did wrong.May be you rank in the top 10 innocent men of your society and even you don’t download latest movies or watch those that shouldn’t ! And suddenly you became a cyber criminal and you would try convince people that it is incorrect the whole life.This incidents are not that different in countries like U.S which have strict laws for cyber-crime.

But then exactly what crime did you ever do !. You have infringed Information Technology acts which you would have never had heard of just by using software which where never free and you used them unknowingly without paying the amount.You might never had this in conscious you would have plaid to the local software engineer but then in a country like India using proprietary software free of cost is a part of daily meal and this is all upto the grass root. Computer atheist who doesn’t believe in the free open source world have a point that neither do they pay for proprietary nor for open source then why should they switch the tracks.Right we can transform habits and not the mind people so they will still use such proprietary softwares like the Microsoft Office than an open source counterpart Open Office which they would have never even touched (because right from school they were taught on such proprietary softwares !). But we like to live in the world of standards we like to carry our own 3.5mm headset jack that would universally adapt to iPod, Phone and Lappies.So why get aimed in the Monopoly business of Microsoft ; its plan to rethink its plan to re-create its a plan to breath the fresh air The Free & Open Source Air. Because….

“The Best Things in Life are FREE !”