Sorry Microsoft ive Abused u many times !

I always abused microsoft but some of answers which CEO Systenics gave to me were really uncovering the shadow of the sins of Silicon Valley.

The BIG WAR :: Why Proprietary..? Why not use free why not open-source

Ans: firstly no one in this world goes for doing 'seva' of his livelihood the code on which they live.So nothing in this world is free if u talk abt php when it comes to acclelrator framework like Zend where is it free then...if u talk about linux we use Redhat where is it free then..? Secondly Open Source ! u tell me whether do u understand even a line of it >>?? what has been written ? so wats d point in talking about it.


if he did not had agreed that i wud have loved to hate him ^_^ but the answer which he gave made me to love him ^_^

He said agreed today there is nothing as efficient as compiling on the machine or fighint nd gaining that megabytes of mem or saving some clockcycles ,b ut now we dont have to save hardware resources its way back 10-20 years ago wen we did that now the ratio has turned to such a scenario that this law has inversed.Now we have to save development time not resources...we cant waste time to save 2MB memory working over it for 2hours ! dats inefficient.

Visual Studio and Other tools does not give the idea of what real programming is they write most of code for us so how wil a programmer switch to other language if suppose he does not only know what happens in background?

Whatervery happens in background is the 'dirty work' U should always concentrate on business logic nd ur ideas nd should not be concerned about all low level details nd obviously these are going to be changed soooner or later as technology changes !!! So its better to write dry code(dry code is dnt repeat urself principle).