Reformation 2.0 !! Industry Training Mumbai PHP Dot Net MVC 3 JAVA

When students encounter programming or technology in general it is a part of their curriculum, but the syllabus on the first hand is such that students pass it (with nice marks !) without actually writing or running a single LOC ! Now the point is who is to be blamed ? “THE STUDENTS !!!” WHY We ??? “Not because the one who laid these rules were students at some point but naturally the entire loss in this is of students, It is you and your career is on stake when you go in for any technical profile jobs you are the laughing joker not them ! ” Does Anyone knows “The Solution !” Industry Oriented Workshops (IOW) !! Frankly speaking we are just a binding bridge between you and technology.You have to establish yourself as a technology expert by showing that enthusiasm that keen in learning. As I always say this 21st century is full of resources just you should have that thirst.The world always needs you , your talent just its your duty to position yourself and with Industry Oriented Workshops you will be made to do that with ease.Bag on us and future is secured. Dont relax put in your best and be the best. For more information about IOW see here.