Participating in Open Source Projects : To get a Job you need experience and without experience you don’t get job

This is a solution to the famous chicken egg problem
To get a Job you need experience and without experience you don’t get job
Many students I come across before getting a job do not have any project experience.This is because of the old story about the curriculum outdated to use the modern tools or the students ignorant about the art of developing software. This article is not for both of them who yell at the university about the “backward incompatible” syllabus or the less interested ones, this article is strictly for those who want a descent career in the IT industry those who have high aspiration are ready to perspire it is for them a guideline to Open Source Contributions. The World is moving towards open-source.Open Source as we means the Source Code is open and ready to be used, modified, tweaked as per needs.The reason open source software are so dominant in the market is the number of open contributions and involvement involved in them.We are here to discuss the contributions to A very important thing is that to contribute to open source projects you do not need to be a programmer also even if you are lay man you can contribute to Open Source Projects.Almost many of the students have this mentality that contributing to open source means writing Linux Kernel !!! There are multiple ways to contribute for example you can even have a squirrel’s share and earn a big gun name by spotting a bug in the project. Besides there are several ways to help open source projects whose code you’re not familiar with:
  • writing end user documentation and tutorials that help the spread of the application.
  • Writing translations for the user interfaces: while nearly every developer speaks English, other languages are rare and if you happen to know Marathi, Hindi, Urdu or Other, you may help.
  • Finding Bugs and Reporting them.
  • Even small donations are useful if you feel like contributing somehow but you do not have time. Money usually goes towards web hosting for the project to remain accessible to everyone.
For a complete list of the roles in open source software projects refer :
These contributions makes you a well aware and a sensible reliable developer which any company would want to hire.I’m sure everyone would want to add such type of free experiences this to their resume next time.