Netiquettes | Email etiquettes : Rules to guide you how to behave on the Internet

Netiquette is the civilization on the internet, its like many people live in this world but don't know how to behave; Netiquette teaches how to narrow the communication gap on the internet if it happens due to any miscommunication in typing, reading or writing for example you cannot type a request email as you text your friend this is a common email etiquette yet uncommon !

These are some rigid practical rules to organize the unorganized world of the internet.To demonstrate I have used it practically how email etiquettes work in reality.

  2. Typingg repeatteddly likkke thisss looooks as ifff youuuu areeee yelllinggg at meeeee?????? pleasssse avoidddd ittttt.thankkkk youuuuu.
  3. Writing in BOLD is emaphasising a point may grab unnecessary attention like this.Dont use it everywhere.
  4. Use proper. punctualtion, marks ! typing error free punctuations is a matter of just looking at the content the second time but it prevents misconception about the meaning of your conversation.
  5. Shrtning wrds in a txt msg mght save bndwdth dnt evr save it on ta intrnt evn if ure usin a 56k modem.
  6. The simplest thing is to write it thinking as if you would have written the same content on a letter.
  7. Use smileys  to make reader  understand your feelings elaborately  but use it sparingly.
  8. When commenting on blogs and forums or replying to an email, wait overnight to send emotional or unhealthy responses.
  9. Be Human and so be careful what you say to others it should not hurt them publically.
  10. When posting on social networks do remember that your posts are going to be read across by large network which includes your Boss, primary teacher or your well known relatives.