The javascript’s superiority

Prior to the nineteenth century where people in India spoke a variety of languages could express the feelings in an emphatic way could convey the understanding to one another.No doubt some languages had the power to express poetry beautifully that Ramayana based on the life of Ram was  written entirely in the poetic form with more than 24,000 verses.Yet people moved and the language is no more spoken in India but in 2-3 villages.The reasons might be several but the result is only handful of them survives while getting constantly changed and Only One attains supremacy and that's Javascript the English language of the modern age almost all understand.
Languages die but they give a fruit of wisdom to the next generation
From the 60's to current this digital age has seen more than 10,000 languages. Javascript designed with the goal of accessing the DOM API of browser on the client side was yet another language added to ever growing list.But it took not less than 10 years to understand the beauty of the language. Client side yes, Server side yes, Native apps yes,HTML5 yes, Windowed apps yes, its all possible with javascript the supreme commander of all.