How to search a job APPROPRIATELY !!

The thing with many a freshers and even experienced working guys is that they don’t exactly hit on the opportunities available for them.Firstly there are two kinds of jobs in the market one is of MNC where your progress is slow but package is high and you get to learn literally nothing Other is of a small firm/company which does not offer you a great deal but you get to learn more and more and more… The orientation of most of freshers is to join anyone of them (kuch b de do yaar basss job dilado !). The thing is there are plenty of jobs opportunities available in the jobs market !!But you need to capitalize on these opportunities.If you havea unique skill then getting a job is very very easy so you dont have to be a leopard in the cat race and win in the competition of 100 but if you have what industry needs then I guarantee that tomorrow is yours.Now the most difficult part is understanding what industry needs.

Think like a company !

Think as being a CEO of a small company. Now you want to employ degrees or skills ??? The picture is very clear higher degrees with no skill or talent definitely have a very low chance in your company.So being an engineer getting a job is tougher than a bsc-it grad guy just because he doesn’t expect more so your company sees an engineer and basic grad in the same way because no one knows practical work ! Now what a company will definitely see is PROFIT !! (No one can disagree on this!) So if you are the one whom the company envisions a man who can make profits for them and reduce the work then YOU ARE THE ONE ! whom we are looking for. Time and again close your eyes and say this
“if I am not the one which the company is looking for then what can I do for it ??
If you master that one top skill that others rarely have then you are the one.No one can stop you from getting a job !! The skill in IT can be anything but not everything like java you cannot say I know java Even Patrik Naughton cannot say this because it itself is an ocean you need to master one part of it like the MOM implementation in JAVA with Message Driven Beans, For server knowing linux is not enough you need specific talent in APACHE HADOOP or say Depolying ORACLE DB Server with a detailed configuration. Now this is where you would say WHERE to start many would be even ready to take there semester one book LET US C and say “Lets go from step 0 ” But this approach is proven to fail GUARANTEED just because of human nature and time pressure.

My suggestion is take one technology and Go Go Go….Master it now its time we never retreat either master or die…