The Great Indian Marriage !

Indian Marriages are a state of art in the world !! Everyman behaves as a 'dulha' and the dulha is the godfather of everyone.Not the same scenario with the dulhan though she is as afraid as a goat being taken to ritual a volcano ! Not to mention the huge drama when the final vidaai scene of the goat separation from her owner.And then comes the Dance the floor contest 'The baraat'

Dancing crazily in a Marriage procession is literally like getting drunk... You know your path to get home but no-one cares which steps you take to get it there !

You should well know that 80% of marriages in India are still arranged and of them only 5% get apart a nice figure in comparison to developed countries.But the romanticism of the arranged couples is worth watching curiously if you are bored listening to drainy music of 'shehnai' which is normally played in the Indian Marriage.The couple produces a coupling force on every unknowing touch like a repellent magnet poles.

Its one of the auspicious moment so as usual carried by a bhatji which is the superstar playback singer of this musical event who lures others by his Sanskrit songs which only he would be able to understand ! that too I am saying this with certain amount of doubt.Other people I mean all except bride and groom just want him to finish it soon and have a run for their food the most authentic part of the Indian Marriages with a wide variety of cusines.

In an altogether joyful day its a great reason for long long families to get united, meet each other have a long gossip and spend the entire day jubilantly and a day out of your daily chores to get a long lasting refreshment !