Crack 1 Lakh per month job interview


We have been hearing the news of IT product companies not just the giants but also startups giving a handsome pay to even freshers. Is it true that we can get this dream into reality with some hardwork?


Today I want to discuss the most important deciding minutes of a person's career: The Job Interview. Cracking an interview just for gaining those materialistic assets like money or luxurious life is secondary thing atleast in India where the first question in a social meet is tell me what you do and I shall give you that much amount of respect only! Job will define the kind of person you'll be as it is the place where you spend most of your time !


I have been a personal believer that there isn't any comfortable job in the world other than being a code to sit in front of the computer with a comfortable chair and let your brain do all the work. In other industries raw material is turned into a finished good but in IT industry the brain x time spent gives the product.
The most important pre-requisit is not to be an IT graduate but to have a good brain !


The most important nectar extracted from Shri Bhagwad Geeta is
Karm karo par fal ki iccha na karo
Do your duty without thinking of its fruits. The package I am talking about is offered not to an average skilled but a master skilled persona. If you want to test yourself try solving some of the interview questions asked by google / facebook etc. They revolve around subjects like Data Structures, logic solving and general aptitude. Never go to an interview to test your preparation ! I learnt this from my chess coach not to participate in the tournament for an experimentation purpose. Similarly an interview is also not a thing to experiment, instead take a mirror test with you looking at the boss inside that mirror. Ask the boss if he would like to hire a person like you ? The answer comes quickly! if no, the inner voice knows you still need to give more, if yes nothing will stop you and your inner voice knows the hard work you have gone through.