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About myself - I hold a masters degree with specialization in software engineering from VJTI, enterpreneur with dream to revolutionarize the state of education in India, a teacher by passion & inheritance.I live my life to create careers in technology, with this vision I started Itvedant and Traininglab, where we offer state of art classroom and online coaching for Software Development.Looking for visionaries and investors to get involved with my activities, connect with me on my mail address [email protected] for an eduventure with me.

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I am the founder of Fierydevs wherein we develop web software and mobile apps.Our innovative and young brains helps our clients to stay on top of the competition.

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  • html5

    html 5

    Feature Detection versus Browser Detection

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    WHAT IS FEATURE DETECTION ? Feature Detection is Future Detection whether the new feature is available  in the device / browser they are using.A new feature is like the Canvas Element Detection. WHAT IS BROWSER DETECTION ? Browser Detection unlike Feature detection is detection of browser version so that developers can keep some additional padding mechanism […]

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  • Human Computer Interaction

    A Journey of keyboard layouts: Alphabetic, QWERTY, DVORAK keyboard

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      The alphabetic as we have studied in our kindergarten a to z is not the best keyboard layout design because it does not take into account these factors which are essential for key layout on a computer are 70-80% of the keystrokes you will make should be from the home row. It should not […]

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  • Professor Speaks

    javascript comparision

    The javascript’s superiority

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    Prior to the nineteenth century where people in India spoke a variety of languages could express the feelings in an emphatic way could convey the understanding to one another.No doubt some languages had the power to express poetry beautifully that Ramayana based on the life of Ram was  written entirely in the poetic form with […]

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  • tech savvy things

    Sorry Microsoft ive Abused u many times !

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    I always abused microsoft but some of answers which CEO Systenics gave to me were really uncovering the shadow of the sins of Silicon Valley. The BIG WAR :: Why Proprietary..? Why not use free why not open-source Ans: firstly no one in this world goes for doing ‘seva’ of his livelihood the code on which […]

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Website Dedicated to My Parents

Born to Mr. Sunil and Mrs. Shraddha Gondkar on 26th April 1989 as their youngest child.They brought me up in silk cushion nevertheless inculcating the values that their cub needs to stay in the jungle of humans.Today I enjoyed technology because of them.It would had been possible without the first electronic set, the first thing which I broke, the first computer ...thank you aai and baba